Friday, 20 April 2018

sensual rediscovery...but, had it ever been there?

nude art - Ghislain Posscat

 It wasn't as if he hadn't participated in many a naughty event. His curious youth  had led him to seek and taste the pleasures of  offers made by gorgeous young students, willing to share a romp in a tiny single bed in dormitories solely meant for the male gender.
Those girls had been desires fulfilled, the bane of his concentration in lectures too long...they had him and his fellow gents prancing around like roosters set free among the chicks. It was all in good cry of sexual abuse or inappropriate advances...the promiscuity of youth.
As time past his behaviour and his need began to take shape within the boundaries dictated and set by society, peers and family.
The path chosen was one of least resistance, reaping rewards of a wife 'perfect', his demanding children his pride and joy, his education affording him a comfortable corporate space, accumulating above average wealth.
And there he was...longing once again...for the promiscuity of youth. Something had gone amiss and it all started with a picture he came across in a magazine.
He sat and pondered if he had ever known to be in touch with his sensual side. Had it solely been about the sexual conquer rather than the discovery of something deeper and more meaningful? He tried to recall the beginning of the relationship that culminated into marriage...had he and his wife ever known to be enthralled and absorbed in each others needs on a sensual level?... had they ever spent time just feeling and touching and kissing and falling deeply in love with each others being rather than the physicality of of contact, aroused by naked flesh on flesh? 
It dawned on him that he could not remember any act of gentleness , loss in time... where the two of them simply stared in each others eyes and felt as if nothing else mattered or existed.
In his heart he knew, that was not the reason he had married her. Yes. he had loved her. But, loved her the way society had taught him love should be. He never thought to question that it could be different and built his world around stolen moments where the two of them indulged in each others company like good mates would. Sex was there. Laughs were there. A good life was he wondered at his complacency , not having wanted more or thought there could be more.
The truth of the matter was, that along the road he had questioned if there was more to love than the societal dictates of what it should be... maybe....naughtier?...sexier?...more indulgent?....fulfilling?...and then he would suppress those thoughts reminding himself that the grass could not be greener on the other side.
Why was it then, that out there another world existed, another reality, where many dared to address and acknowledge their sensuality? Why had he thought it taboo and not 'good enough' for his reality? A thing to be kept under wraps? He realised all these years he had confused sexuality with sensuality and wondered if it was too late for him and his wife to try and find that gentle indulgence of each others burning passion.
He wondered if she would know to bring out in him what he had discovered with another woman...he decided to try.


Thursday, 19 April 2018

RB's videos to date...erotic sensuous sensuality

To be sensuous, sensual is a passion on another level. It need not culminate in anything more than an appreciation of what may be on offer. 
But, to know to appreciate that which feeds the capture of a glance, that which makes fantasies burn and reason go amok...requires the recognition and acknowledgement of something so natural and sincere found within each one of us.
It is not crass nor impatient, it is neither rude nor disrespectful, it is not lewd nor can know to be lustful and wanton, an anomaly? Not at be alive need not be explained nor excused...rather...indulged and played with in the most sincerest and passionate of ways between consenting adults.

Enjoy .

Full length, high resolution videos available for download through eccomerce site.


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

a race without ego

when ahead of me u run and no matter the challenge of uneven ground that makes my breathe laboured,
the beauty of your stride, the certainty of every step, the strength in your physique...draws me in
and even though sweat begins to run between my shoulder blades and all i wish is to stop and gulp and gulp  and GULP...!...for air...
i don't
i need to keep u in my viewpoint...u are the coax to the finish line.
one day...i shall run alongside your every stride...and i know u shall smile at me and coax me to reach the finish line before u.

Monday, 16 April 2018

RB video 5 - The Date...the culmination!

Now,...those faint of heart, who imagine a date one way, that cannot let go of the traditional and think of indulging in a shift, a mindset new...then prepare yourself for a game different , a shade of play RB style, where he be the focal point and she be the administrator.
Such a date, may...on an evening such , lead to freedom of mind, surrender of body, where the woman knows to pry, ply and tease to the edge...near explosive....
Where a game played be new, unexpected...the excitement of what next.
When a twist a turn has him pinned for a time. And when released ...there be no hurry to end the play...more like a further need to indulge and caress, blindfolded yet, seeing with a touch. 

And the full length version available in high resolution, a reveal to make u hold your breath and gasp...enjoy this short tease. RB.

most things come in three's #3

most things know to come in three's
and thus, the continued tease
but, that too, knows to come to an end
the imagination in a new direction send.
the tease the play number three has reached
all hesitancy and boundaries of inaction breached.
a pose so naughty...!... a curve to travel
with a stare to devour, the mind to unravel.
a naughty wench, a woman sly
with all her wiles his peace to ply 
what chance be there to stand and stare
when all reads ..."come hither" inviting dare.
a woman in a kitchen knows
her crown sits firm and it shows
to tumble his thoughts with dishes personal
 every space in the kitchen...real versatile.


most things come in three's #2

most things know to come in three's
and thus, the continued tease...

he said...

 'u naughty wench, u saucy girl!
u do have my mind in a swirl!
a romp a tumble i can see
what is to follow, can only be.
your stockinged thighs 
the truth belies
for, milky skin does win
revealed through the mesh so thin,
to imagine flesh soft to the touch
makes me yearn my manliness clutch.
now...if a suggestion i could make
would u hear and for consideration take?
a slightly different angle to your stance apply
and further seductively feed the eye? "

she heard him clear
and had no fear 
that pose suggested
that pose requested
would have him groan 
would have him moan
and thus... a tiny adaption
an image, to his mind amblazon.


most things come in three's #1

 most things know to come in three's
and thus begins the tease...

the colour be all black and white
a moment captured to delight
this photo first to start the tease
what shall follow, wanting to please,
a pose here, an arch there
with the onlooker wanting to share.

so, two and three to follow soon
for this play, a photo boon
the kitchen a womans delight
on it, shed another light.
where sexy knows to stir the loins
'u naughty wench!" a phrase he coins,
where banter sensual, a coyness inviting
of any inactivity... respiting.


sensual rediscovery...but, had it ever been there?

nude art - Ghislain Posscat   It wasn't as if he hadn't participated in many a naughty event. His curious youth  had led hi...